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DSC_0239.jpg CSI was an amazing experience.  I left with a renewed passion. Spending time around fabulous music teachers from around the country creates an amazing atmosphere to grow and share. - Rebecca Johnson, 2012 CSI attendee

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend and have already started to share with my peers! I look forward to seeing everyone next summer! Thanks again for all your hard work...it is greatly appreciated! - 2013 CSI attendee DSC_0258.jpg

24.JPG I do not know how to effectively put in words how impressed I was with the conference. Everything from the massive amount of pertinent information to the color coordinated ribbon on the gift bag seemed so well planned and thoughtful.Thank you for such a special time. (I'm still singing "Amazing Grace"!) - 2013 CSI attendee

THANK YOU for the great gift of CSI! The event’s reputation coupled with former students’ first hand experiences lived up to my anticipation in every way! As I told Tim: Yes, it is a CS investment. Yes, it is a first-class event. Yes, it was a great hang. Yes, it is hosted on a beautiful campus. Yes, the food was amazing. Yes, the information was spectacular. Yes, the social interaction and a sense of community are incredible. However, what spoke to me with such intensity was the passion and desire to make a positive difference by all parties from the food service folks, orange shirts, CS reps, and faculty. Salaries and honorariums can’t buy that personal investment of passion and giving! - David, 2013 CSI attendee 20.JPG

DSC_0218.jpg I am so excited we made the trek to come to CSI.  It was an awesome experience and I will encourage other directors to come in the future.  I’ve learned a lot and have been re-energized. - Jack Eaddy, 2012 CSI attendee

Thank you CSI for reminding me that I am not alone in this world! As the only band and choir director in my district, it was nice to collaborate with other professionals I the field who have faced the same challenges I have and succeeded.  Aside from all the wonderful tips, tricks, and techniques, I will be taking home a renewed sense of mission and purpose in my career.  CSI reminded me that what I do is important and that I make a difference. - Rachel Nieman, 2012 CSI attendee DSC_0116.jpg

DSC_0053_1.jpg I want to congratulate you on an awesome seminar. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to attend, but I have had many colleagues recommend it and was very pleased with the experience! - Jan, 2013 CSI attendee

The whole event was very inspirational. The clinics were excellent and informative.  The most rewarding portions were times spent with our colleagues from other areas and sharing with them and the nationally known clinicians. - Doug Hoover, 2012 CSI attendee IMG_0105.jpg

I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the Conn-Selmer Institute. I had a blast and I feel like my mind has been stuffed with so many great new ideas for the fall. - Whitney, 2013 CSI attendee

Most of the clinics I attended drastically changed how I will approach my music education courses and my teaching when I am finally in the field. I cannot begin to thank you and the faculty of CSI enough for all of the tools that this opportunity has provided me and the many other participants with. This truly was one of the best experiences of my life and reaffirms why I want to be a music educator. - Elizabeth, 2013 CSI attendee

Can't thank you enough for the past few days. We all had a wonderful time. It was a real "shot in the arm" for the two younger teachers I had with me. I must say the Supervisor workshop was a great experience for me. I really feel that I can go back to school with a plan to have my folks ready for the new evaluations and standards before I retire at the end of next year. I came home immediately and got busy. We're all planning to come back next year. - Christy, 2013 CSI attendee

Thank you for another great conference! I have been coming to the conference for almost 10 years! Honestly, I don't know how you are going to top this one! - 2013 CSI attendee

CSI is always a great reminder of the WHY we do what we do. It lets me know that despite the financial & economic problems, we are not alone.  CSI gives me the push I need at the end of the year to spend the summer becoming a better teacher so I can continue inspiring my students. From leadership activities to technique to advocacy – this is the real deal. - 2013 CSI attendee

Conn-Selmer Institute provides so many resources for music educators. The opportunity to talk with peers, discuss what works and what doesn’t, to ask questions of leaders in the field. There is simply NOT another opportunity such as this. - 2013 CSI attendee

The experience at CSI is second to none. The fellowship, leadership, helpfulness and kindness of the people at CSI is emotionally fulfilling.  I left feeling excited and recharged. - Dawn Gergen, 2012 CSI attendee

My first experience with CSI has been phenomenal! Conn-Selmer has the best staff, volunteers, and brought the best instructors from around the country.  Even though the main focus is band, as a choir director I still felt instructed, encouraged and energized for my chosen profession. - Debbie Johnson, 2012 CSI attendee
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