Avanti Step-Up Model 1000BIFT Open Hole Flute

About the Model 1000BIFT

Avanti flutes are the perfect partnership of quality, craftsmanship and music with this collaboration between Bickford Brannen and Conn-Selmer. The 1000BIFT flute offers the sound and feel of a professional instrument to the advancing flutist without the high cost.


The hand finished Sterling silver headjoint, designed by Bickford Brannen, provides a rich, full tone with crisp response. Open hole keys provide flutists the ability to play a higher level of music that include techniques such as quarter tones, encourages proper hand position and provides more clarity in tone. The B footjoint allows flutists to play a broader range of music and makes the 4th octave C speak more clearly when using the gizmo key. The C# trill key is a useful feature for modern flutists and helps facilitate a number of trills and tremolos. Signature CNC key cups ensure that pads will seat perfectly flat which prevents air leaks. Bottom adjusting screws provide a sleeker, more professional look. Built in Elkhart, Indiana, the 1000BIFT flute is designed to meet the demands of the serious flutist.